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    We are parents with four kids. Just like you, we struggle to manage our daily lives, our myriad of activities; while still trying to capture those precious moments with our children. We’ve tried using calendaring solutions such as Outlook; we’ve tried using notes on the refrigerator, and we even built an extensive spreadsheet, but none of these solutions worked. We still struggled with drop-offs and pick-ups. And, last minute changes caused chaos.
    We built this app and this company because we experienced the same problems other families faced and we want to share this solution. We are the creators and users of WHTK and take your feedback seriously with each new release.

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    Our mission is to provide technology solutions to help modern families manage their hectic lives. Solutions should be simple, intuitive, and allow parents to focus on their children and enjoying the precious moments in their children’s lives.

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    We are active members of our community and encourage everyone to participate in improving their neighborhoods, towns and the environment.