Add Grandparents and Other Family Caretakers

Setting up grandparents or other close relatives and friends who do not live locally as caregivers in the Who Has The Kids? App is an added benefit. By setting them up as caregivers, they can see the schedule and plan trips around watching soccer games, an equestrian show, a school play, or even the very rare free weekend!

Plus, while they are in town, you can make them part of the schedule by assigning tasks like picking up from practice or dropping off at school.

Keeping your close family and friends informed of each week’s schedule even if they live far away is another way of keeping everyone connected.

Lower Kids’ Stress with a Family Schedule App

It can be hard enough being a kid with a packed schedule – school, rehearsals, sports, maybe some tutoring – without the additional stress of now knowing who’s going to pick you up or when. When your child is tired at the end of a long day, Who Has the Kids takes away kids’ stress by letting them know who’s coming to pick them up.

It’s also great for helping kids and teens plan out their schedules – they can easily see if there are any appointments or other events coming up.

No more calling around to parents and babysitters, trying to get a hold of the right person. When your kids downloads Who Has the Kids (available for both iPhone and Android), they can just glance at their calendar and see what’s in store.

Manage Your Schedule with Two Convenient Calendar Layouts

We know that everyone likes to organize their days differently. With the Who Has the Kids family scheduler, you can switch between two different calendar layouts, making it easy to stay on top of your busy schedule.

Whether you want to just see the bullet points of the events throughout the day, or you’d rather see them all laid out in a grid, we have you covered. You can switch back and forth between the two whenever you like.

Not only does Who Has the Kids give you total flexibility to add or change the events in your day, you can view them in the way that works best for you. Manage your schedule, make your days easier, and always know exactly what’s coming up next.

Manage your schedule with two calendar layouts


Never Forget Your Kids’ Doctor’s Appointments Again

Accidentally missing a doctor’s appointment is no joke. You get that call from the receptionist, and now not only do you have to wait weeks for another one, but you have to pay for it anyway. But when you’re using Who Has the Kids as your family scheduler, you’ll get convenient reminders for any event or appointment that you set up, whether it’s an hour or five minutes beforehand.

Who Has the Kids keeps your family happy and healthy, whether you’re coordinating with your partner to keep up your flu-ish daughter’s medication schedule, or just making sure you check off all of the items on your to-do list.

Get your calendar in order by downloading Who Has the Kids for iPhone or Android.

Who Has the Kids Shared Calendar is Your Virtual App-Pair

Loading up your schedule with events is one thing. You can plan for work, meetings, the kids’ school schedule, school play rehearsals, sports practices and games – the list is nearly endless. But making sure that every item is checked off the list is another thing entirely. Enter Who Has the Kids shared calendar.

You and the other caretakers in your kids’ lives are a team. Your spouse, your parents, babysitters, and nannies all need to work together to make sure that everything it takes to run your household is covered. When you’re using a shared calendar, there’s no more guesswork. You know exactly who is taking care of which task, and when it needs to be done. You can can divide and conquer as easily as hitting a few buttons on the screen, giving you less stress and more time to enjoy life.

Download Who Has the Kids for iPhone or Android and start feeling more organized today!

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Who Has the Kids is changing the way that families manage their lives. There may be many family calendars out there, but how many of them are really family organizers? If you love using Who Has the Kids, let the rest of the app store know by leaving a review! We love to hear feedback from the families whose lives are a little less crazy now, thanks to our family scheduler.

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Popular Mom Blog Loves Who Has the Kids

“I have never kept it all written down in a calendar or schedule even though I should and I am the type that is normally very organized. Instead I am calling around to my husband or the grandparents every week reminding everyone who is doing what this week and it gets hectic. A much better way for us all to stay organized is with the shared family calendar app, Who Has the Kids?”

Read the glowing review of Who Has the Kids on Outnumbered 3-1! Katrina put the family calendar app to the test, using it to balance the demands of her kids’ gymnastics, soccer, and diving schedules, and her own schedule as a Girl Scout leader.

Read the full review here, and don’t forget to download Who Has the Kids on iPhone or Android!

Is Your Family Ready for Back to School?

Just when everyone’s finally gotten used to the demands of a summer schedule, the school year is back upon us. With school comes the back to school schedule, and all sorts of new activities you need to balance. There are after-school practices, weekend games, back to school nights, parent-teacher conferences and more. Multiply that by a couple of kids, and you need some help keeping it all in order.

Who Has the Kids makes it easy for you to keep track of what your kids need and when. Assign each child in your family a color, and load up the calendar with their schedules. It’s easy to see where there’s overlap. Then just assign each activity to a caretaker. On Monday, you’ll take your daughter to the dentist while your husband picks your son up from practice. You both get push notifications beforehand, so nothing catches you by surprise.

Download Who Has the Kids for iPhone or Android, and take on your family’s back to school schedule with confidence.

An App Is Born – Getting Down to Business

In the previous installments, Messy Schedules and The Ultimate Whiteboard, WHTK co-creator Marvin shares what led him and his wife, Shannon, to create a better family calendar app.

In the last installment, we talked about the lack of solutions to our family scheduling problem and Shannon and I had decided to create our own solution in the form of a mobile app. We had our own list of things we wanted the app to do and we had also received input from friends and colleagues that were facing the same problem. Now, it was time to start building!

Wait a minute, could Shannon code? Nope! Could I code? Nope! We decided to get professional assistance, so I reached out to contacts in the technology field. As Shannon and I spoke with different developers and described our vision, we got a range of reactions, from the non-committal – that’s an interesting idea – to the telling – you’re going to pay cash up front, right?

Eventually, we settled on a company, Mobilosophy, in New York that had mobile application development experience and, just as importantly, didn’t think we were crazy. We sat down and showed them our preliminary designs. They’re reaction was, “That’s nice, but here’s why that’s a bad idea – let’s try it this way.”  The tech world was dizzying and our heads were spinning with weird terms (churn rate, minnows, user retention, etc.), and acronyms (ASO, API, iOS, etc). As we started talking timeframes, our original estimate of 9 months to market was looking more like 1-2 years.

There was an extended development period as we went through multiple builds. In each build, we learned something new. For example, sometimes, we ran across features that sounded good during design but were clunky in actual use. Also, our development partners gave us great guidance on how to improve the design and flow. Each build required a lot of late nights, with me and Shannon testing every feature and step multiple times. By now, Shannon and I were actively using the app in managing our family. Finally, we got to a build that we all agreed was ready for prime time. Success!!! Who Has The Kids was born and was working.

How to Improve your Sick Child’s Wellbeing

When you’re a busy, working parent, having a sick child is a huge source of stress. Not only do you worry about your child’s wellbeing – you want to make sure they’re comfortable and able to rest – now you have extra items on your schedule to worry about.

Does the babysitter remember that your son has a doctor’s appointment at 2:30? Will your husband remember to give him his medication every 4 hours this evening while you’re at a work event?

You don’t need to send reminder text after text anymore. Create an event for the doctor’s appointment and assign it to your babysitter. Set up push notification alerts for your husband – they’ll pop up on his phone and remind him, without you needing to. You can go about your day knowing that things are under control, and that your son will be feeling better soon.