An App is Born – Messy Schedules

From Marvin, co-creator of Who Has the Kids family scheduler app.

One of the biggest problems facing today’s families is keeping track of all of the kids’ activities and remembering who is responsible for bringing which kid to what event.  Shannon and I have 4 very active kids and we both work, so we’ve been dealing with the logistical challenge of family scheduling forever.  Like many parents, we’ve tried a myriad of solutions. We’ve used sticky notes on the refrigerator. We’ve tried online calendars.  Shannon and I each created different spreadsheets and tables. One particular spreadsheet had each child color coded and showed which parent was responsible for pickup and which one was responsible for drop off.  This was a good solution until someone forgot the spreadsheet at home, or, worst case scenario, there was a change in the schedule!  Given the lack of any available solution, we decided to create our own.

In the next installment, we’ll discuss one of those solutions – The Ultimate Whiteboard and how that eventually led to Who Has The Kids.

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