Is Your Family Ready for Back to School?

Just when everyone’s finally gotten used to the demands of a summer schedule, the school year is back upon us. With school comes the back to school schedule, and all sorts of new activities you need to balance. There are after-school practices, weekend games, back to school nights, parent-teacher conferences and more. Multiply that by a couple of kids, and you need some help keeping it all in order.

Who Has the Kids makes it easy for you to keep track of what your kids need and when. Assign each child in your family a color, and load up the calendar with their schedules. It’s easy to see where there’s overlap. Then just assign each activity to a caretaker. On Monday, you’ll take your daughter to the dentist while your husband picks your son up from practice. You both get push notifications beforehand, so nothing catches you by surprise.

Download Who Has the Kids for iPhone or Android, and take on your family’s back to school schedule with confidence.

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