Lower Parental Stress: Use Who Has The Kids as a Medication Manager App

Managing your child’s schedule is about more than just getting her to soccer practice or music lessons. When your child gets sick, helping her feel better becomes priority number one. But when multiple work schedules have to line up with your child’s medication regimen, you need extra help to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Use the To-Do feature of Who Has The Kids in place of a medication manager app, making sure that whenever your child needs medicine, someone is on top of it. You can assign the To-Do item to anyone in your caregiver network, and hand off the task if something comes up and your schedule changes. Use the app for reminders, sending you notifications and giving you a heads-up before it’s time for the next dose.

No matter how frequently your child needs a dose of medicine, or how many medications she needs, you can be positive that she’s getting the care that she needs.

Download WHTK for iPhone and Android.

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