Millennial Parents Need an App that Fits the Millennial Lifestyle

Millennial parents are changing the way parenting is done. Multiple careers, a more equal division of child care and a push for lots of baby-friendly activities mean that the family schedules of millennial parents are more complicated than ever before.

Perfectly complimenting the millennial lifestyle, you can use your smartphone to make your parenting schedule easier. No more screenshots, texts, phone calls and alarms, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Instead of endlessly checking in on each others’ calendars, Who Has the Kids gives you a shared family calendar, complete with assignments for who is in charge of which event. More than one child? Set up a calendar for each one, so that you have a clear sense of who is doing what and when. Push notifications give you updates on upcoming plans, chores that need to be done, and even last-minute changes to your partner’s schedule.

Who Has the Kids is exactly what millennial parents need to keep their days streamlined their communication clear.

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