Add Older Siblings to the Caregiver Network to Teach Teen Responsibility

When you’re a busy, working parent, you need to rely on other people to make sure that your kids are taken care of. Including older children in caring for younger siblings can be a great way to teach responsibility and to lower your all-around stress level. Teens taking responsibility for their younger siblings is an important part of growing up, whether it’s babysitting siblings or helping out with transportation.

With the Who Has the Kids family calendar app, you can easily add caregivers to your network, either when you sign up or at any time under “settings.” Once you’ve added an older sibling to the mix, you can assign them pick-ups, drop-offs, or any other to-do item. WHTK isn’t just for younger children, either. Use the to-do feature to remind your son or daughter of other chores or homework that need to be done. It’s a great way to teach responsibility in all areas of their lives.

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