An App Is Born – The Ultimate Whiteboard

In the previous installment, Messy Schedules, WHTK co-creator Marvin shared tales of the chaos that led him and his wife, Shannon, to create a better family calendar app.

Last time, I had written about the lack of family-centric scheduling solutions that met our family’s needs.  Shannon and I become so desperate that we got a HUGE whiteboard and hung it in our dining room.  This became our primary scheduling and messaging tool.  We put in the kids’ daily schedules, showed who was responsible for pick-up and drop-off, listed any chores that needed to be done, and included any messages.  This worked for a while, but there was a huge hole in our thinking – you had to be home to see what was on the whiteboard!  I kept having to call Shannon to find out what was on the schedule.

I then began taking a picture of the whiteboard before I went to work, but then there was another problem – changing schedules!  Our Ultimate Whiteboard solution was static.  There would be numerous changes throughout the week and during the course of a day.  It was easy to update the whiteboard when we got home, but making changes on the fly was a challenge.  So, ultimately the Whiteboard was a bust, however the kids loved drawing on it so it still hangs in our dining room.

We needed something like the whiteboard, but it had to be portable, and it had to be dynamic.  Shannon and I had looked at the various online and mobile scheduling apps but they lacked the functionality we needed.  Shannon then had an epiphany. She was going to create her own app – the birth of Who Has The Kids!

The next installation – “It may take 9 months to carry a baby, but building a mobile app takes a lot longer!”

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