Use WHTK Family Planner App to Coordinate Your Parenting Schedule

One of the hardest parts of having kids is making sure that your parenting schedule is lined up with your partner’s. Which of you is going to your daughter’s softball game on Thursday? Did your husband say that he would buy a present for your son’s friend’s birthday, or did you? If grandparents or babysitters are also in the caretaking mix, you need help just to get things organized.

When you have a family planner app, you never have to worry about forgetting part of the schedule. Who is in charge of taking your daughter to practice? You know it’s you, because you’ve been assigned to that Drop Off. What if your meeting runs late or traffic is impossible? You just hand the task off to someone else. With just a glance at your phone, you know everyone’s schedule and responsibilities.

With your parenting schedule in order, all of that chaotic stress is gone and you can get back to what’s important: actually enjoying the excitement of parenting.

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