How do I setup my family?

Download the mobile app to your smartphone and setup yourself as a primary caregiver. You can then add your children and any additional caregivers, including secondary caregivers.

How do I add a new caregiver?

Another caregiver can be added by selecting the Manage Family options in the upper right corner of the screen.

Why am I not receiving confirmation emails?

Our emails that we send you might go to spam unfortunately. If you don’t receive an email from us in a few minutes, please check your spam folders. At that point if you’re still not receiving an email, please reach out to us at info@whohasthekids.com.

How is my information protected?

All user information is secured on the server through extensive network and security architecture, infrastructure and monitoring.

What happens if I lose my cellphone or get a new cellphone?

Your information is securely stored on WHTK’s servers. If you lose your cellphone or get a new cellphone, simply download the mobile app onto your new phone and use the same credentials to login. When the users logs into their new device, we update the device token on the database so that all new notifications will be sent to the new device.

Can I integrate my other calendars such as Outlook or Gmail with WHTK?

A user cannot currently integrate WHTK with other calendars. This is a planned enhancement to WHTK.

How many kids and/or caregivers can I have on the app?

You can add as many kids and caregivers you need.