Running a family these days can be stressful. Between carpools, school, sports, doctor’s appointments, and nannies it’s hard for parents and caregivers to stay on top of their kids lives, let alone their own busy schedules. Being a kid should be fun and planning your kids lives should cause joy, not headaches.

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  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard provides a quick overview of a user’s schedule at a glance. It lists the kids for which the user is responsible, their activities, and dates and times.

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  • Manage caregiver

    The Caregiver feature allows a user to have multiple parties responsible for a child or children. This includes family members, babysitters, nannies, etc. Access can also be tailored to the Caregiver.

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  • Messaging

    Messaging allows you to communicate to Caregivers regarding a specific child and/or activity. This includes discussing potential changes or additional information for a specific activity.

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  • Reminders & notifications

    Reminders or alerts can be set for a specific activity. Also, any changes to an activity automatically sends a notification to relevant parties.